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Ca$o “The Corners Pockets” Review

New Orleans based rapper Ca$o “Short for Picasso” Brings you his latest mix tape entitled ” The Corners Pocket”. With a down home southern appeal and style Ca$o commands the mic with a hustlers presents. With those catchy hooks and southern bass beats Ca$o keeps your attention by taking you through an average day of … Continue reading

PT B.A.U Music review

Out from the shadows of the Philly Underground Hip Hop circuit emerges P.T of (B.A.U) Business As Usual. The self proclaimed King Of Cuu, brings you an array of talent on his solo project. Once a member of the Hip Hop Group Loose and P.T, His solo project was needed to show case and solidify … Continue reading

Flash Amorosos ” I Hate Niggas” EP

Other than me just loving the title of this album, I love the album in itself. Flash Amorosos hits you upside the head with his debut (EP) I Hate Niggas, and to be perfectly honest I do too. What better way to express the life long battle between NIGGAS and African Americans , but by … Continue reading

Diamani Album review

In the era of southern beats and catchy hooks we found a refreshing sound out of  West Philly.  Diamani an upcoming hip Hop artist shows off classic lyrics with his Debut album entitled 4064. Im a little bias, but I love lyrics and the beats selection is right on point. With production from Philly’s own … Continue reading

Steve Mckie Interview

Everyone has a release. Something that a person does, no matter how big or small  that distracts them from reality. Some people do drugs, some people bite their nails. Mine’s has always been music. Since I was little, nothing could bother me when the headphones were on  and the tape was in the deck. My … Continue reading

Dr. Dre is no longer one of the best producers ever.

I know at first glance people might see the headline and be like ” oh no that is way off base”, but think about it for a minute. He has 2 albums over a span of 20 years ( not including the NWA albums) Grant it they were both classics but still. Thats not enough … Continue reading

Kanye West is keeping Hip Hop off life support.

In a game over saturated with wanna be drug dealers, and whores with pink hair that think they can rap, there has been one constant over the past few years: Kanye West continues to make unbelievable music consistently. No matter how crazy he is, or how much you dislike him personally, one thing that cannot … Continue reading

Will i am defends blackface at VMA’s

“> White people love Will i am…because he makes Wayne Brady look like Malcolm X (Negrodamus)

Devil in a New Dress : Kanye West

T.I, Tiny arrested in hollywood on drug possesion

I’m starting to lose respect for this dude. I’m not mad that he wifed up Tyler Perry’s version of Ms. Piggy, because from what I understand she is a pretty down ass chick. But for you to be dumb enough to get indicted for buying machine guns IN PERSON!!, then get out of jail and … Continue reading

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