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Ca$o “The Corners Pockets” Review

New Orleans based rapper Ca$o “Short for Picasso” Brings you his latest mix tape entitled ” The Corners Pocket”. With a down home southern appeal and style Ca$o commands the mic with a hustlers presents. With those catchy hooks and southern bass beats Ca$o keeps your attention by taking you through an average day of … Continue reading

PT B.A.U Music review

Out from the shadows of the Philly Underground Hip Hop circuit emerges P.T of (B.A.U) Business As Usual. The self proclaimed King Of Cuu, brings you an array of talent on his solo project. Once a member of the Hip Hop Group Loose and P.T, His solo project was needed to show case and solidify … Continue reading

Flash Amorosos ” I Hate Niggas” EP

Other than me just loving the title of this album, I love the album in itself. Flash Amorosos hits you upside the head with his debut (EP) I Hate Niggas, and to be perfectly honest I do too. What better way to express the life long battle between NIGGAS and African Americans , but by … Continue reading

Diamani Album review

In the era of southern beats and catchy hooks we found a refreshing sound out of  West Philly.  Diamani an upcoming hip Hop artist shows off classic lyrics with his Debut album entitled 4064. Im a little bias, but I love lyrics and the beats selection is right on point. With production from Philly’s own … Continue reading

At Home Daily Push up Regiment (Marine, NFL Combine)

As a New Year rolls around once again a few of us try to make a new change in our lives by either improving our  mind, Body or soul. I wouldn’t classifiy it as a resulotion, but  its a promise to yourself. Many people don’t either have the time to go to the gym or … Continue reading

Greatest Players that I Have Ever Seen

When the NBA came out with their 50 greatest players in 1996 I thought that they were missing a few great players in my eyes, but it was very immature of me to make those accusations when I haven’t seen the majority of the players that were listed. I can honestly say that I’ve been … Continue reading

We are Soft!

On December the 28th 2010, Before a NFL regular season match up between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings.. Gov. Ed Rendell was quoted saying ” We’ve Become a Nation of Wusses. The Chinese are kicking our butts in everything. If this was China do you think the Chinese would have called off the … Continue reading

Steve Mckie Interview

Everyone has a release. Something that a person does, no matter how big or small  that distracts them from reality. Some people do drugs, some people bite their nails. Mine’s has always been music. Since I was little, nothing could bother me when the headphones were on  and the tape was in the deck. My … Continue reading

Boxing Sucks

I’d thought I would never say this, but Boxing sucks. I’ve been a huge boxing fan for as long as I can remember. I loved it so much that I use to train, hell I even had my oldest child in the gym. I must admit its totally watered down now a days, there’s one … Continue reading

what happen to the Fare one!

Funny how Some days I look around my neighborhood and think to myself, Is every youngbull this wild these days. funny but not with any comedic value but in a sense of hopelessness that I just can’t grasp. With so many homicides and shootings It really seems like The days of the “fair one” is … Continue reading

Past Perspectives

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