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Black Balled

Many people believe the hardest thing to do in sports is square up a round ball with a wooden bat. While it is not considered a contact sport, baseball has been universally praised for its emphasis on strategy and mental toughness. From its conception up until the 1940′s, baseball on a professional level was much … Continue reading

The Salute that shocked the World

The 1960’s were a landmark period in American history. It was a decade in which we saw the assassination of two Kennedys (one of which was the commander in chief) Also we saw the killing of two prominent civil rights leaders in Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., not to mention the growing … Continue reading

“The Help”……Really?

So I’m sure it has a huge cult following,NY times best seller and probably attracts the same Tyler Perry loving, big Momma’s sunday dinner crowd, but this is just pure nonsense. Another ” sho thang boss!!” perspective film about the plight of black servants(cause that’s what they were). Yes, I have only briefly researched the … Continue reading

Off the Wagon: A Guide to Fake Fans

What exactly is a “bandwagon rider”? I’ve been hearing that term a lot lately in sports, and I’m not sure everyone is certain as to what it means. Now to the average, casual sports fan who just enjoys taking junior to a ballgame on a nice afternoon, this term doesn’t mean much. But do the … Continue reading

Pacquiao doesn’t stand a chance against Mayweather

Let me first start by saying the fight that I watched this weekend between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley had to be the worst fight I’ve seen in the last few years. ( And I mean PPV , undercards everything. I saw a bum fight better than that.) From the onset “Sugar” looked disinterested, unprepared, … Continue reading

Dr. Dre is no longer one of the best producers ever.

I know at first glance people might see the headline and be like ” oh no that is way off base”, but think about it for a minute. He has 2 albums over a span of 20 years ( not including the NWA albums) Grant it they were both classics but still. Thats not enough … Continue reading

The Michael Vick Experience

Recently, Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson made some comments about Eagles QB Michael Vick saying that he deserved to ” be executed” for running a dog fighting ring a few years back. A crime that he has since spent 2 years in prison for and lost countless millions over. Take a look if you haven’t … Continue reading

Knicks Minute

Say what you want, the New York Knicks look like a playoff team. The East is certainly not what we thought in the preseason (*Cough* Lebron * cough* Miami) and right now the Knicks are the 7th seed. And really, who in the east is playing better than them right now? Amare is having an … Continue reading

Kanye West is keeping Hip Hop off life support.

In a game over saturated with wanna be drug dealers, and whores with pink hair that think they can rap, there has been one constant over the past few years: Kanye West continues to make unbelievable music consistently. No matter how crazy he is, or how much you dislike him personally, one thing that cannot … Continue reading

Michael Jordan should be the NBA logo

Now let me get this straight. All of the greats that the NBA has ever seen have always preached winning. I think it’s a unanimous opinion that greatness is measured by not how many points you score, but how much you win and your impact on the game. Championships are the yardstick by which everything … Continue reading

Past Perspectives

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