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PT B.A.U Music review


Out from the shadows of the Philly Underground Hip Hop circuit emerges P.T of (B.A.U) Business As Usual. The self proclaimed King Of Cuu, brings you an array of talent on his solo project. Once a member of the Hip Hop Group Loose and P.T, His solo project was needed to show case and solidify his talents without aid. The New EP “Take Dat ” is a club banger..  with Key production from the likes of  Samik ” The Symphony” Ganguly,  this upcoming EP should be a banger. Its unusual for artist to touch so many genres but P.T can pull it off, and well..

Check out the Video Take Dat 


Download worthy

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Crazy Sports and hip hop fanatic, doing something you love always works out. specially knowing the history of the subject is key.


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