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Flash Amorosos ” I Hate Niggas” EP

Other than me just loving the title of this album, I love the album in itself. Flash Amorosos hits you upside the head with his debut (EP) I Hate Niggas, and to be perfectly honest I do too. What better way to express the life long battle between NIGGAS and African Americans , but by the way of rhyme and reason. Flash also has a great  sound and feel for Hip Hop, I Hate Niggas features a host of Producers and Artist from the Philly Underground circuit (Brandon Lee, Dark Vadda ). I’ve heard a lot of B/S lately and this album is fair from it, a great download for the avid listener of Hip Hop: I Hate Niggas (Download)

I Hate Niggas

I Hate Niggas Album Cover

TB Ink writers give this a Stamp of approval, looking forward to hear more from Flash Amorosos (LP) Billion Dollar Feeling soon to be released this summer:


Download Worthy


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