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At Home Daily Push up Regiment (Marine, NFL Combine)

As a New Year rolls around once again a few of us try to make a new change in our lives by either improving our  mind, Body or soul. I wouldn’t classifiy it as a resulotion, but  its a promise to yourself. Many people don’t either have the time to go to the gym or they are just uncomfortable with the gym atmosphere. So I have put together an at home regiment to maintain and strengthen your core and upper body, for Beginners or for your avid gym rats.

Marine Push ups with NFL combine twist: Push ups are one of the hardest exercises you can do, specially if your a rookie. But you can gradually build your body up to do at least 200 daily.

Step 1: Balance yourself and get into a push up stance, the difference between regular push ups and marine style are your elbows. Place your elbows in as close as you can get to your sides. (as seen below)

Elbows in as close to the body as you can












Step 2: After  the completion of your first push up, try your best to allow your chest to touch the ground with your palms facing up on the 2nd push ups. So basically every other push up allow your chest to touch the floor. (as seen below)

palms up, chest to the floor










For beginners I recommend that you start out light, first you must assess your self . So start off  by maxing out (doing as many of them as you can with out stopping).  After your assessment you should know where you are at with it.

If you have maxed out at 1-10 push ups. Than your daily regiment should be a 5 set work out.

week: 1 ( 7-5-5-8-7) in between sets you must rest for 1 min and 10 seconds

If you have maxed out at 10 -30 push ups.

Week 1: (15-10-12-10-15) remember to rest in between.

If your maxed out at 30-50 you are not a beginner.

week 1: (20- 17-17-15-20) remember to rest you’ll.

I promise you if you were to complete this daily regiment for at lease a month your body will adapt and get stronger. See you in two weeks to check on your progress and for a new training regiment.

Peace and Blessings.




About Aludara

Crazy Sports and hip hop fanatic, doing something you love always works out. specially knowing the history of the subject is key.


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