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Greatest Players that I Have Ever Seen

When the NBA came out with their 50 greatest players in 1996 I thought that they were missing a few great players in my eyes, but it was very immature of me to make those accusations when I haven’t seen the majority of the players that were listed. I can honestly say that I’ve been watching and playing basketball for maybe over 28 years now. With older brothers and cousins living with me I really didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. So with that being said I have thought long and hard about the greatest players that I have ever seen in the last 30 years. Baring Superstars that I have seen in the late 70’s to early 80’s for the simple fact that they were on their declining years, like Kareem Abdul Jabbar…. etc* Championships and or Dominance enjoy! *After the first 6 players you can try to order them.

1) Michael Jordan (His Air’ness) Of course he is number one, where have you been living in a cave for the last 25 years. The most electrifying player to lace up a pair of sneakers, the epitome of dominance.  6 NBA championships in eight years, he was retired for a year in a half he might have eight chip’s if he didn’t. 6x NBA Finals MVP, 14x  all-star, 5x league MVP, 10 Scoring titles, 10x First team All NBA , 9x Defensive All NBA, Defensive Player of the Year. He also shares the NBA record for consecutive scoring titles with 7. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t lie. It’s not just the numbers, it’s his will power to win. Jordan is the only player in NBA history to have 2 or more rings that never lost in the Finals, and Jordan has never been to a game 7 in the finals. Did I mention the olympic gold metals he has 2. Maybe his Air’ness should be known as the closer, but some times greatness is defined by one name” MIKE”.

Black Mamba 2) Kobe Bryant (The Black Mamba) High School sensation to 2nd greatest two guard the world has ever seen! yea I said it in my (Raheem Morris voice) 5 RINGS baby ( a set of back to backs and a three peat). 81 point game, 2 scoring titles to go along with that. Not bad for a kid from Lower Merion.



3)Magic Johnson: 6’9 point guard. If you have never seen Magic before please don’t comment. Magic is the only player on this list that has a Championship as a rookie. Beat my star studded Sixers for that ring.


The Daddy

4) Shaquille O’neal ( Diesel) anytime other grown men call you the Daddy! I need not  go any further, but 3 scoring titles.. In a Guard dominated game do big men even win the scoring title anymore, that says a lot . 4 rings


Big Fundamentals 5) Tim Duncan (Big fundamentals) The best Power forward the game has seen. Hands down. 4 rings dominate from day one. Even more impressive, Duncan just picked up a basketball at age 13.



Larry (Legend) Bird: The baddest White boy to lace them up. 3 NBA titles, 3 league MVP’s and 2 Finals MVP not to mention the 12 Allstar games I think that Bird superseeds Legend status. Birds career was cut short because of a bad back, but for a player to win, Dominate and make others better without a french lick of his game being athletic Is unreal.


Hakeem Olajuwon (The Dream) Should have been named the nightmare to opposing centers, ask David Robinson and Shaq  about that shake. With 2 rings, 2 finals MVP’s, 2x defensive Player of the year and one season MVP. if not thee best Center he’s number 2.

Moses Malone: (4 by 4.) Mr. 30/30 king of rebounding in the modern era. Moses makes the list strictly because of longevity he. Moses played in 3 eras and he was the first big name high schooler to make the jump from high school to the pro’s. Numbers: 29580 points, 17834 rebounds just retarded for the modern era.

Isiah Thomas (Zek)

Kevin Garnett ( Big Ticket)

Dirk Nowitzki: Dirk has a ring now, so any questions about heart have been put to rest.

James Worthey

Paul pierce (The Truth)

Ray Allen (Ray Ray)

Allen Iverson (A.I) The 6 footer who towered over the giants in the league. with 4 scoring titles AI might be top three dominate players I have ever witnessed. baring Jordan and Shaq.

Charles Barkley (Sir Charles): 6’5 Power forwards only exist in the 50’s right. With 23757 points and 12546 rebounds, 11 Allstar game appearances and 1 league MVP. Not only that Chuck is under sized at the 4, but he’s an under sized 3 also.. and still was the catalyst of every team he’s played for.. ok except for those 3 years with the Rockets lol.

Kevin Mchale

David Robinson

Jason Kidd: Now that Kidd has a ring, what can anyone say about him.

Clyde Drexler (The Glide)

Dawayne. Wade (Flash)

Karl Malone (the Mailman)

John Stockton

Scottie Pippen: I love Scottie’s game,super talented but Scottie was the catalyst of his team once, Mike made him.

Lebron James (King James): Lebron has more potential than anyone on the list, as far as athleticism goes. but I have seen two Championship series he has been in and his performances hasn’t been what we would call King like.

Gary Payton (The Glove)

Steve Nash

Patrick Ewing (Pat)

Dominique Wilkins (Human Highlight film)

Reggie Miller: Reggie Miller was a true entertainer by all means. superb trash talker that loved to back it up

Joe Dumars (Joey D)

Dennis Rodman (The Worm) Greats defensive player I have ever seen. The Worm could defend the best perimeter player than shut down the post.

Chris Mullen: 1/3 of (TMZ) Is Brooklyn in the house. Mr smooth, Mullen wasn’t just a sharp shooter he was an all around treat. With a supreme knowledge and work ethic shows why he’s in the  Hall of Fame

Sam Cassel ( Sam I am)

Chancey Billups

Alonzo Mourning ( Zo)

Dikembe Mutombo (Deek)

Rasheed Wallace ( Sheed)

Chris Webber ( C. Webb)

Carmelo Anthony (Melo)

Mitch Richmond (Rock) 1/3 of (TMZ)

Grant Hill:  The old man is still doing his thing.. who else could Average close to 15 for like 20 years.

Glen Rice

Vince Carter (Half man/Half Amazing )

Tracy McGrady (T Mac) Super talented but just couldn’t get out of the first round. In the 90’s we use to argue who was better TMac of Kobe, Well we know who wins that argument

Tim Hardaway (Inventor of the UTEP two step) also 1/3 of  (TMZ)

Detlef Schrempf

Shawn Kemp

Honorable Mention**** Robert Horry ( Big Shot Bob) Robert Horry has made some of the biggest shots we haver ever seen in the playoffs.. for 3 separate teams. Its not just the shooting his defense was very good also. Glenn Robinson (Big Dog) Amare Stoudmire. Jamal Mashburn (Monster Mash). Baron Davis ( B-Diddy). Rod Strickland .Anferrnee Hardaway(Penny)


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