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We are Soft!

On December the 28th 2010, Before a NFL regular season match up between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings.. Gov. Ed Rendell was quoted saying ” We’ve Become a Nation of Wusses. The Chinese are kicking our butts in everything. If this was China do you think the Chinese would have called off the Game”. This statement was made after the NFL called the Game between the two teams because of the “extreme. Weather conditions”. I kinda have to agree with the Governor on this one folks. My thoughts and opinions has nothing to do with the NFL the Players or there Union. Its our Country! What I mean is, tell that bull shit about extreme weather condition to the players from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Man if they thought like that there wouldn’t be such games as the ICE BOWL, FOG BOWL etc.. I just feel like we have gotten super soft as a nation or better yet as people, but let me elaborate even more. I’m from West Philadelphia one of the hardest (toughest) places in the nation, recently a kid from a neighboring county high school was being Bullied by a band of teenagers who threw the kid in a tree and proceeded to hang him on a Gate. I’m sorry but I have no feeling for this subject, fight back!  A lot of folks may not agree with me but we all are entitled to our own opinion. Things have definitely changed, in my younger years if you weren’t the bully than you dealt with it some kind of way. Don’t get me wrong By no means am I condoning the behavior, but there’s always been Bullies  and Bullying.


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Crazy Sports and hip hop fanatic, doing something you love always works out. specially knowing the history of the subject is key.


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