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Little known Black Inventors and Inventions (A – B)

Inventors: Inventions:

Biscuit Cutter. A.P. Ashbourne
Folding Bed. L.C. Bailey
Coin Changer. James A. Bauer
Rotary Engine. Andrew J. Beard
Car Couple. Andrew J. Beard
Letter Box. G.E. Becket
Stainless Steel Pads. AlfredBenjamin
Torpedo Discharger. H. Bradberry
Disposable Syringe. Phil Brooks
Home Security System. Marie Brown
Corn Planter. Henry Blair
Cotton Planter. Henry Blair
Ironing Board. Sarah Boone
Horse Bridle Bit. L.F. Brown
Horse Shoe. Oscar E. Brown
Pacemaker. Otis Boykin
Guide Missile. Otis Boykin


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Crazy Sports and hip hop fanatic, doing something you love always works out. specially knowing the history of the subject is key.


One thought on “Little known Black Inventors and Inventions (A – B)

  1. This is great right here. No wonder I’m so good at disposing of my syringes. Turns out it’s in my blood.

    Posted by cgee728 | August 20, 2010, 12:04 pm

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